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Knife Sharpener: ZWEISSEN Ceramica - 12 inch - Package of 2

Brand Grosche
SKU: ZW 203


ZWEISSEN is all about precision professional quality kitchen tools designed for home use and delivered at great value. The ZWEISSEN Ceramica is a high-tech take on the traditional stainless-steel rod sharpener, using the finest abrasives available to sharpen and re-align blades to their maximum potential.

The shaft is coated with 1000 grit ceramic, which has an extra-fine texture and high hardness rating- these qualities make the Ceramica perfect for blades that feature a fine edge (such as German or Asian knives). Inside the ceramic skin is a steel core, which makes for a strong, sturdy construction that will last longer than hollow-core ceramic sharpeners. The sharpening surface is a full 12" long, making it ideal for knives of any size.

Ceramic sharpeners are regarded as superior to diamond coated steel because of their high grit and fine surface. The ceramic cut is a cleaner process, with the final edge more refined than that rougher steel finish. This is especially true for new blades that don't require aggressive sharpening surfaces to restore their edge. Do note that the Ceramica is intended for stainless steel knives.

Finally, you will notice that the textured handle makes Ceramica easy and safe to hold, and the base has a hook for easy storage when not in use. Additionally, a steel plate at the top of the handle acts as a handguard should the blade you're sharpening slip.

The ZWEISSEN Ceramica is a professional tool for home kitchen use. You will certainly notice the difference in both sharpness and lifespan of your knives!


  • Professional 1000 grit white-ceramic outer rod for sharpening knives to a razor-sharp edge
  • 12" length makes Ceramica suitable for all knife sizes
  • Sharpening instructions included on the packaging
  • Steel core beneath the ceramic for strength and durability
  • Steel handguard helps prevent accidents if the knife being sharpened slips towards your hand
  • Texturized handle that's easy and comfortable to hold
  • Metal hook on the heel of the handle to hang Ceramica up when not in use

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