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Glass Water Bottle: Venice Red Poppy Flowers 670 ml /22.6 fl. oz - Pack of 4

VENICE Glass water bottle Red Poppy Flower Print 670 ml / 22.6 fl. oz

Red Poppy flowers on a quality glass bottle with a matching red sleeve, and a natural bamboo lid. And a matching red sleeve as well. Whats not to love. The Venice Red Poppy bottle is an in-house favorite for its vibrant and lively looks, as well as its high quality design. 


grosche venice glass water bottle red poppy print with bamboo lid


Heatproof borosilicate glass bottle with a protective sleeve

The Venice bottle is made from heatproof borosilicate glass. This type of glass is much better than ordinary glass as it is stronger, heatproof, and thermal shock resistant as well. We have designed this bottle with the highest quality materials available to appeal to the discerning customer looking for a better quality bottle than what is currently on the market.The bottle comes with a protective neoprene sleeve as well that also helps to maintain the temperature of your beverage. Although this is not a thermal flask or a double walled glass bottle, the protective neoprene sleeve helps to keep your drink cold or hot around twice as long as without it. 


venice GR 385 water bottle with thermal sleeve and easy to carry strap

Convenient and easy to take to work, school, the gym, or yoga

We have designed this bottle to have ample capacity of 670 ml / 22.6 fl oz while being easy to take with you. It fits into gym bags, most backpacks and totes as well. Its a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle to use a reusable glass bottle and avoid single use plastic bottles. Its a way we can be eco-friendly to the planet and enjoy its style as well. 


convenient to carry glass water bottle red poppy flowers




wholesale glass bottles toronto canada GROSCHE Venice GR 385 Red poppy large glass bottle

Bamboo lid with Stainless steel interior

We have designed this bottle with quality inside and out. Not only is it made from high quality borosilicate glass, but it also comes with a bamboo lid. On the inside of this lid we have added a stainless steel cover to protect your drink from ever coming in contact with plastic. 


bamboo lid with stainless steel interior

Easy to use wide mouth glass bottle

The bottle has a wide mouth which makes it very easy to drink from. It feels comfortable on the lips with the smooth glass opening. Also the wide mouth means this bottle is easy to clean and wash. You can use detergent and any bottle brush to wash it. We recommend hand washing the bottle and the lid and towel drying the lid after washing it. 


grosche venice glass water bottle red poppy flowers print with bamboo lid

VENICE Glass Water Infuser Bottle Features:

Features: BPA- free, food-grade safe reusable glass water bottle
Heatproof Borosilicate glass
Capacity: 670 ml/ 22.3 fl. Oz
Cleaning and Maintenance: Hand-wash only
Material: Borosilicate glass bottle, bamboo lid, stainless steel cover plate inside lid

Includes washable neoprene protective thermal sleeve. 




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