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Knife Sharpener: ZWEISSEN Ultra Diamond - Steel & Ceramic - Package of 4

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ZWEISSEN is all about precision professional quality kitchen tools designed for home use and delivered at great value. The ZWEISSEN Ultra is a handy sharpener for all steel and ceramic knives, in a package small enough to fit in your cutlery drawer.

The first side uses a 600 grit diamond-coated steel plate to sharpen, realign, and prepare the blade for the second step. For many, this is as sharp as the blade would need to be to make a good cut.

The back of the Ultra features a super fine 1000-grit diamond sharpening plate, which hones the blade to a razor-sharp finish. This two-step sharpening process is suitable for all types of edged tools, from butcher's and fillet knives to hatches, as well as your usual kitchen utensils.

Ultra also comes with a knife blade holder, which props the blade up to the perfect angle. This allows you to easily get the perfect edge every time, and has two universal placement areas depending on the width of your blade. Also, the Ultra does not require water to use properly, so it can keep your knives useful with minimal preparation. The easy-to-hold handle has space for a hook or other hanging device, making this sharpener easy to store when not in use.

All necessary instructions are included with the packaging, which clearly explain when and how to use each side of the Ultra's sharpening surfaces. The material these surfaces are made of will sharpen the toughest materials, including tool steel, ceramic, and carbide edges.

The Ultra is a convenient, useful knife sharpening tool that will extend the life of your blades. Do not place in a dishwasher or otherwise submerge the unit.


  • Professional two-step sharpening system using 600 and 1000 grit diamond sharpening plates to create a truly sharp edge.
  • Knife blade holder makes it easy to get the perfect angle on your blade
  • Creates a long lasting and sharp edge
  • Directions for use included on the packaging
  • Space at the base of the handle for storage utilizing a hook or carabiner
  • Textured, easy-grip handle
  • Small footprint makes the Ultra easy to store, even in a drawer

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