Costa Rica Rainforest Medium Roast Coffee Beans - 2 x 1 lb Whole Bean – Grosche Wholesale Canada

Costa Rica Rainforest Medium Roast Coffee Beans - 2 x 1 lb Whole Bean Coffee

Brand Grosche
SKU: Misc Sale - Coffee

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Costa Rica Rainforest 2 x 1 lb wholesale coffee bean packs (roasted)


All the beans are premium Single Origin or custom blends that are fresh roasted on order. As a result, this may cause orders to ship up to 5  business days later than normal, so please allot time for this when ordering.


Product Description

Our Costa Rica Rainforest is a certified Rainforest Alliance coffee. It is an arabica bean from Costa Rica's Tarrazu region which provides ideal conditions for growing the perfect coffee bean. The Costa Rica Rainforest has an elegant taste with rich, brown sugar sweetness and a hint of orange cream in the aroma.

The Rainforest Alliance program supports farmers and communities and allows them to develop sustainable business and farming practices to avoid a negative impact on the environment.


  • You pick the roast level: medium / dark / espresso
  • We roast, grind, pack and ship the coffee the way you like it. Please allow up to 5 business days for custom roasting, packaging and shipping.
  • Freshness of the coffee beans is guaranteed
  • These are wholesale whole bean roasted coffees, not green unroasted coffee beans



  • We recommend using your coffee within 1-2 weeks of it being opened
  • Store at room temperature, refrigeration is not recommended
  • Keep coffee sealed in an air-tight container

Your Coffee, Your Way & Better for Your World

As a Social Enterprise, we have a mission to be a "Source of Joy in the World". See how your pound of coffee is contributing to your world:


Fifty Days for One Pound

You will be amazed at what one pound of coffee can do. With the purchase of each pound of coffee, we provide 5 days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the Grosche Safe Water Project. For more information, please visit:


*Only available in Canada 


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