Q: What are the new lower economy shipping rates?

To lower and simplify the shipping charges, we now offer an economy low fixed rate shipping option to you as well as usual UPS ground, air, and expedited rates. 


 Order Amount     Shipping Rates as % of order

Between 0 and $250 

Between $250 and $500                  

Between $500 and $1000              

Between $1000 and $2000           

Over $2000                                       

  ~20% of your order value

~10% of your order value

  ~7% of your order value

  ~5% of your order value




The lower economy rates are in $50 to $100 order value bracket ranges. As your order size grows you qualify for the next lower shipping rate bracket. The maximum shipping charge in this Flat rate economy shipping is $100.  


So the more you order, the more you save on shipping, all the way to Free Shipping!


A few sample flat rate economy shipping rates are given below: 

Order value      Economy Shipping Cost








$2000 & Up










Q: Where do you ship from?  

We ship from our warehouses in the USA and in Canada.


Q Are there any customs or duties to the USA?

No, we handle all of that for you. You will not have any customs or duties to deal with your shipment. Our prices and shipping include all import charges and any customs or processing direct to your door. Its just like buying locally for our USA wholesale customer. 


Q: When will I get my order?

Most orders will ship within 1 to 2 business days to the USA. Most orders arrive with 2 to 5 business days after that. The closer you are to Buffalo NY Area the sooner you will receive your order. 


Q: Will I get tracking information?

Yes, your order status will be updated with tracking information for your shipment. This applies to all shipping methods, including the lower economy rate and free shipping rates. 


Q: Will everything ship together?

Most orders will ship all together. Depending on the size of your orders its possible that we ship part of your order from one warehouse and part from another one, or on subsequent days. In that case you will still get shipping tacking info so you know when your order will reach you.