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GROSCHE VENICE Glass Water Bottle - Frosted, 670ml/22.6 fl. oz - Pack of 4

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VENICE Glass water bottle with bamboo lid | frosted

VENICE is a glass bottle that is completely classic in design. It has clean lines, premium materials, and understated design elements. It includes a protective carrying and insulating neoprene sleeve as well. With a generous capacity of 670 ml or 22.6 fl. oz, this is a large capacity water bottle that is easy and convenient in every way. Its perfect for school, the office, or gym and yoga. Its for the premium customer that is looking for a quality water bottle that is unique in design, and avoids all cheap plastic materials in its design.  


glass water bottle frosted VENICE GR 387 with sleeve


Borosilicate glass is durable and safe

The VENICE glass bottle is made from a special type of glass called borosilicate glass. This is the same glass that we make our teapots from, and the beakers of our French Presses as well. It is much more premium than ordinary glass and is also more durable. Borosilicate glass is heat safe as well. It can easily withstand boiling water as well. Normal glass is not safe for use with hot water as it can crack easily.  


venice bottle outside bamboo lid glass bottle

Includes thermal protective neoprene sleeve

The VENICE glass water bottle comes with a thermal protective neoprene sleeve. This sleeve serves two purposes. It protects the bottle from accidental knocks or drops on the counter, and it also helps to insulate your drink. With the protective color matched sleeve your beverage will stay hot or cold about twice as long as normal. The sleeve is also washable and easily removable. 


 washable and removable neoprene sleeve




With eco-friendly bamboo lid

Bamboo is a natural fast growing wood that is considered eco friendly. It is quickly renewed, natural, and durable as well. We chose a high quality of bamboo  to make the lids for the Venice bottles. On the inside of the lid we added a stainless steel cap to protect your water and to keep it away from all plastics. We have invested in making this a high quality water bottle in every way possible. 

venice glass bottle lid with bamboo and stainless steel GROSCHE VENICE


The design of this bottle is understated and classic.  The bottle has a white color matched sleeve, and when used without the sleeve you can see the frosted glass look. 


venice glass bottle GROSCHE GR 387 wholesale pack Canada

VENICE Water Bottle Features:

Features: BPA- free, food-grade safe reusable glass water infuser bottle
Single walled glass, borosilicate glass. 
Capacity: 670 ml/ 22.6 fl. Oz
Cleaning and Maintenance: Hand-wash only
Material: Borosilicate glass bottle, bamboo lid, 18/8 stainless steel lid inner

Packaging: Comes in a GROSCHE printed paper box packaging. 



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