Knife Sharpener: ZWEISSEN Z-Sharp 400 Travel - Package of 4

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By Grosche




  • Convenient, compact, and portable
  • Wheel sharpening creates a long lasting and sharp edge
  • Features two tungsten carbide pre-set sharpening angles
  • Also has two pre-set Ceramic sharpening rods
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Comfortable handle

          ZWEISSEN is all about precision professional quality kitchen tools designed for home use and delivered at great value. The ZWEISSEN Z-Sharp 400 Travel that is perfect for on-the-go, or even compact easy storage at home. The Z-Sharp 400 Travel Knife sharpener is convenient, compact, and includes a detachable chain that allows you to attach the sharpener virtually anywhere.

          The ZWEISSEN Z-Sharp 400 is meant for stainless steel knives. It features two sharpening modes - One is a set of pre set tungsten carbide blades, and the other is two pre-set ceramic sharpening rods. The pre-set sharpening angles ensure a perfect edge every time. The Tungsten carbide blades are meant to remove nicks and kinks that can occur in a knife edge, and straighten the edge. Quite often this is all a knife needs to get a sharp edge. The ceramic sharpening rods are meant to actually give a fine polish or sanding to the knife edge at a pre-set angle to give you a long lasting and sharp edge, easily. The technology in this easy and simple to use sharpener is the same as much more expensive models, and it is very easy to store in your kitchen drawer, or to take with you to camping, the trailer or cottage, or your fishing or hunting trip. Its a great gift as well.

          The Z-Sharp 400 has non-slip grip feet on the bottom to allow for easy sharpening. Simply hold the sharpener, and pull your stainless steel knife through the blade towards you. Cycle the knife back and forth 4-8 times, or as necessary, until you get a sharp edge. Use moderate pressure to get a sharp edge, but also protect the knife from damages. The Z-Sharp 400 is not suitable for Asian, coated, or ceramic knives.